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As your photographer we get the best seat in the house for the whole day. Let us use this to take care of your photos so you can enjoy it the way you dreamed of, as perfect and stress free as possible!


We use only Canon professional cameras and lenses so you know your photos will be perfect. We also have a team of photographers available to you for extra photos. Photoshopping of your images is also included with your galleries.


You may only want candid photos or a full range of beautiful arty photos. From ceremony or evening party only to the full story of your big day, we can cover all styles of wedding photography. You choose what you want, and have full control of your images.


We would love to photograph your big day. We also know that you want value and absolutely the best you can get for your money. So what can you expect from us?

You get 2 photographers using only Canon professional cameras. We will spend time with you capturing the day with both staged and more candid styles of photographs.

You can have pre wedding photoshoots where you get a chance to meet up and discuss the basics. Then we take a few nice photos with a local backdrop.

We charge 700 pounds as a basic guide but may need to charge more if you want us available during longer days or at venues not in the local area. Every wedding is different and we can always work out the details during a pre wedding photoshoot. We only do one wedding a day so its difficult for us to offer a morning or an afternoon rate. We charge a set price and we are with you all day. Have a look at our frequently asked questions page.

Any questions just ask as we are very happy to help. Or have a look at or FAQ page

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FAQ's Section

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    The questions are a bit jumbled up but should cover everything you need to know!

    Any questions I have missed please ask, even a stupid question is a good one!

    Q. What is a full day?
    A. 7 hours of photography.

    Q. Do we get to meet up?
    A. We hope so, we get a chance to chat and take a few pre wedding photos too.

    Q. Where can I see all my photos?
    A. We ask you sign up for a Flickr account and all your photos, every single one will be uploaded to an account that you control.

    Q. Where do you take your photos, what areas are covered?
    A. Northumberland, North Tyneside and South Tyneside, Newcastle and Durham, anywhere else may incur charges for travel and staying over.

    Q. Can I have copies of all my images?
    A. Yes you can have them on BluRay disk, USB stick or SD card. All we ask is you pay for the media you need, a 128 GB USB stick is about 20 pounds on eBay.

    Q. Why can I not do a half day of photography?
    A. We only do one wedding a day, we don’t do 2 weddings a day so you have us for the key moments. However lets chat if you have specific ideas.

    Q. Do you have a contract?
    A. Yes we do, you will get a contract when you pay your deposit.

    Q. Are deposits refundable?
    A. No they are not unless we get another booking on the same day.

    Q. How much is the deposit?
    A. We ask for 100 pound to secure the day.

    Q. How can I pay this?
    A. Paypal, Bank transfer or cold hard cash!

    Q. I think we need more than 7 hours what do I do?
    A. An extra hour is 100 pounds for 2 photographers.

    Q. Are you insured?
    A. Yes for public liability and employee liability.

    Q. How do you provide my images when I want none online copies?
    A. Both RAW and JPG options so you have full control over your photos.

    Q. How many photos do you take?
    A. An average wedding turn out with thousands of photos! you get digital copies of every single one.

    Q. Do you do video footage?
    A. No we stick to what we know! We have some links to great video people. We can leave a small wide angle GoPro camera running to catch the basics but this is a free service and not part of our packages.

    Q. How long is my booking pencilled in for?
    A. You have 30 days to pay the deposit then the day becomes free again.

    Q. Do you stay for the first dance?
    A. Yes if its within the 7 hours. We woll also stage a first dance before it gets too busy.

    Q. How long is my booking penciled in for?
    A. You have 30 days to pay the deposit then the day becomes free again.

    Q. When is my balance due?
    A. 30 days before the date of the wedding, I will email you to keep you in the loop.

    Q. Can I use my photos on social media?
    A. We recommend it and hope you will!

    Q. Do you have limitations on group shots?
    A. Not in the slightest.

    Q. What is a pre wedding shoot?
    A. It’s a chance for us all to meet up and say hello, Then we take some photos at a location that is really cool.

    Q. Do you stay for the party?
    A. Normally no. We can stage a first dance and cake cuttings so you don’t have to worry about timings. If your wedding is longer than 7 hours from when we start we do a fake first dance and cake cutting. If you want more hours then we can do that at a small cost.

    Q. What’s in your kit bag?
    A. Canon everything! And nothing but the best!

    Q. What do you need from me?
    A. We need to know the times of the event, from getting ready to the times of the party. We also need a list of photos you would like.

    Q. Do I get printed pictures?
    A. No everything is digital, but you have the ability to do photobooks and canvas prints easily.

    Q. What about copyright of the photos.
    A. We have no issues with copyright, the photos are yours after you pay for them so you can do anything you like with them.

    Q. Do you do a split shift?
    A. no our times start from when we arrive. if you need more hours that can be arranged.

    Q. Do we need to feed you?
    A. No we will be too busy to stop normally.

    Q. I'm worried about parts of the day?
    A. Tell us, We have been doing this for years so know all the big problems well.

    Q. Do you always have 2 photographers?
    A. Yes its the only way to make sure you capture all parts of the days, I don't think you can do it alone.

    Q. How did you get into photography?
    A. My dad, he gave me my first camera and I spent my childhood playing with his Hasselblad cameras.

    Q. Can you set our photos to music?
    A. Yes just tell me the song, hopefully a slower or piano version. I do this for free so please expect a short delay as its not quick to make.


We currently have 3 vouchers available to buy. Our vouchers last for 24 months form the date they are purchased. Multiple vouchers can be used for your wedding. You can even buy these through paypal as a gift.

Family 2 hour photo shoot

£100 towards your day

£500 towards your day

Pricing Guide

Our prices are very straight forward. You can decide how long you need us for. We have a set price rate of £100 per hour. You get 2 photographers for as long as you want us. We aim at 7 hours for a normal day.


from £ 24
  • Up to 45 pages
  • Colour or black and white
  • A4 and A3 sized
Canvas Prints
from £ 32
  • From 10" x 8"
  • Up to 60" x 40"
  • Various styles and textures
Acrylic Prints
from £ 42
  • From 12" x 16"
  • Up to 40" x 30"
  • Key hole fixing
Phone Covers
from £ 24
  • Available for all models
  • Colour or black and white
  • Great family gift


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